How to write a perfect CV?

Blog | 2021-04-07

How to write a perfect CV?

In a time of fast-going information, your CV must be straight to the point, simple but informative.

It is very important that your CV would contain the information required so the recruiter could easily read it, without the need to ask for the information again and again.

You need to remember that an offshore-oriented CV differentiates from CV-oriented to an office position.

So, what do we need to mention?

  1. Personal / Contact details.

It looks elementary, how can a CV be without this kind of information, but you will be surprised how often we get a CV without it. It may miss e-mail, phone, or even a date of birth.

Do not forget to include:

• Your name;

• Surname;

• Date of birth;

• Nationality;

• Place you are living now;

• E-mail;

• Phone.

It may look that if you miss something, that it will not affect anything, but for example, if the contact details are inaccurate, it may affect our communication when we have a proposal for you.

2. Documentation.

Another thing which is very important is your documentation. You need to provide your education and certification you are holding. Especially the dates… Oh man, the dates… Nowadays certification you are holding is very important and when you miss its validation dates or write just a year when it must be monthly accurate, it does not help you. The CV with all days intact, with all the certification, always looks way better in recruiters’ eyes.

So, do not forget:

• Education;

• Certification;

• Validation dates

3. Sea service

Of course… Your experience… It’s the body of your resume. Like in all CV’s it has to be informal but in our industry, it has to have some adjustments. What adjustments?

About your Sea service. You need to provide:

• Type of vessel;

• Name of vessel

• Position hold;

• Dates (start-end);

• Employer;

All the information is very important, especially details about the vessel because it is possible that our vacancy is on the same vessel you have served, which makes you more employable.

4. References

Ahh, yes… The cherry on top. It is not required to include, but great references make your image 10x stronger. The more you have it, the better.

What to include in the references? Just the usual stuff.

• Company;

• Name;

• Contact details;


• Testimonial.

So, here you have it. A simple formula to perfect CV. The design doesn’t matter, if you have a creative personality you can use it, just do not go over the top. 😁

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