Registration terms

1. General provisions

1.1 (thereafter Portal, Website, Platform) is specialized in offshore and wind energy sectors in European countries.

1.2. iPS Baltics online platform is for: – Qualified Personnel from Lithuania, Latvia, and other European countries looking for job opportunities in offshore and wind energy sectors. – Businesses looking for qualified professionals in the offshore and wind energy sector.

1.3. Services provided by the portal: – Job vacancies (those who register on the portal have the opportunity to follow the job vacancies regularly posted on the portal for free). – Inquiry about employees (businesses registered will have the opportunity to request the availability of suitably qualified staff or/and payroll solutions).

1.4. Full use of all the services provided by the portal is possible only after registering and creating a user profile. By registering and creating a user profile, you represent and warrant that you are familiar with all internal portal rules and are bound by them.

1.5. This User Agreement is a composite and integral part of the Terms.

1.6. iPS Baltics reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify (including modify, edit, add, cancel, delete) this User Agreement or any part thereof and any related information in accordance with the terms set forth in the General Terms.

2. Definitions

Terms used in the General Terms and Conditions and other documents of the Rules and their annexes, when capital letters are used, except for personal pronouns), have some specific meaning related to the services provided by the Portal and other activities. Portal / Website / Platform – a specialized platform for renewable energy workers and employers (

Portal / Website / Platform Services – Services provided by the Portal Owner on the Portal (Job Board, Job Information, specialist referral requests.)

User – a natural/legal person who has registered and become a full member of the Portal. Visitor – a person who is not registered in the portal.

User account – a personal profile created on the portal/profile created by a customer, a company from Scandinavia or Europe.

Inquiry – An electronic form of employee search or/and payroll solution provided by the customer.

Sanctions – penalties imposed by the Portal for breach of the Rules.

Rules – means the defined rules, documents, regulations, obligations, requirements, and instructions provided on or linked to from the Site.

Privacy policy – rules and requirements governing the collection, storage, and use of information (including information about Users) related to your use of the Website and the Website Services.

Confidential Information – Information that is not publicly available and which is provided by one User to another User in any form (written, electronic, or otherwise).

3. User Account

3.1. In order to become a User and gain access to the services of the iPS Baltics Portal and other services available on the Portal, you must (in accordance with the Portal Use Policy, the Privacy Policy, and other instructions available on the Portal) register and create an Account.

3.2. You may not register more than one Account without the written consent of the Website.

3.3. You must protect your credentials responsibly, keep them confidential, and do not allow third-parties to misuse your credentials.

3.4. The User must notify the iPS Baltics Administration of any unauthorized use of the Login Details or Account of which he has become aware of any suspicion that the Login Details may have become known to third parties.

3.5. You may not transfer your account to a third party without the written consent of the Website. You may not authorize third parties to access the Account using your Login Details unless you are acting on behalf of the Legal Entity and the Legal Entity grants your employees access to the Account Data.

3.6. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in your Account.

4. Use of the Platform and Consumer Rights

4.1. The user of the iPS Baltics online platform has the right to use all the services and information published on the portal.

4.2. The user of the iPS Baltics online platform is responsible for the content that is uploaded, posted, displayed on his user account, or other information sites on the Portal. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees that iPS NORD will in no event be responsible for the user information contained on the Portal.

4.3. You acknowledge that you own all rights in the User Content you post.

4.4. You confirm and warrant that your use of the User Content in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Terms and any transfer of rights to such User Content to the Website will not infringe any rights or legitimate interests of any third party.

4.5. You agree that by using the Website you may be exposed to other User Content that may be inaccurate, offensive, indecent, objectionable, inappropriate, or unlawful. Any loss or damage any kind resulting from the use or effect of any User Content posted, uploaded, recorded, transmitted, displayed or otherwise made available or accessed through the Portal shall be the sole responsibility of the User providing such content or abused him. In no event shall the Portal be liable for any loss or damage resulting from such User Content.

4.6. The iPS Baltics Administration has the right to block access to or delete any individual User Content at any time that does not meet the requirements of these Terms.

4.7. iPS Baltics reserves the right, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, to restrict access due to maintenance work, unforeseen events, or circumstances beyond the control of the Portal.

5. On consumer behaviour

5.1. Any disrespectful, hostile behaviour towards other Portal users, clients, or the administration is considered a gross violation of internal rules. The offending natural/legal person may be removed from the portal.

5.2. The deliberate misrepresentation of misleading information during registration is considered a gross violation of internal rules. The offending natural/legal person may be removed from the portal.

5.3. Placing information on the Portal that is unrelated to the Services you provide may be considered a gross violation of internal rules. The offending natural/legal person may be removed from the portal.

5.4. Placing information on the portal that is not related to the search for employees or jobs is considered a flagrant violation of internal rules. The offending natural/legal person may be removed from the portal.

5.5. The publication of job vacancies that do not correspond to reality is a gross violation of internal rules. The offending natural/legal person may be removed from the portal.

5.6. The Portal strictly prohibits the manipulation of other visitors, their information or services, or criminal activity.

6. Consumer Relationship with iPS Baltics

6.1. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, this Agreement, any registration on the Website, or any subsequent use of the Website will not be deemed to be a collaboration or agreement between the User and iPS Baltics.

7. Security

7.1. The iPS Baltics administration always protects the privacy of our customers, and in this section, we present in a clear and transparent manner the principles governing the collection and use of visitor information on our website.

7.2. We may use the IP addresses of visitors’ computers to administer the website and to improve the traceability of rogue users. An IP address is a unique code that identifies a computer to networks. It can be used to identify the visitor and to gather various demographic information. The administrators of the absolute majority of web servers do this.

7.3. Profile forms on the iPS Baltics website may ask you for personal information (such as name, phone number, email address) and demographic information (such as age or gender). This personal information may be used if we absolutely need to contact you. Demographic data can also be used to tailor a website to the needs of a particular visitor by providing content that is specifically tailored to their interests.

7.4. The iPS Baltics website may contain links to websites of other individuals, companies, or organizations. Please note that the iPS Baltics Administration is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of such websites. Therefore, if you click on a link from another iPS Baltics website to access other websites, you should specifically consider their privacy policy.

8. Disputes

8.1. Any failure by you, as User (Customer or Specialist), to comply with the terms and obligations of this Agreement, may incur not only the penalties provided for in this Agreement but also legal liability under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union. Note: Except as otherwise provided in the applicable mandatory statutory provisions, some or all the limitations or exclusions of liability provided for in this Chapter may be waived.

9. Use, Suspension, Termination of this Agreement

9.1. This Agreement shall be effective from the date of registration of the User Account and shall continue until terminated by You or iPS Baltics in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Chapter.

9.2. You have the right to cancel the User Account or terminate the Agreement at any time without giving any reason. Such cancellation of the Account or termination of the Agreement does not relieve you of your obligations prior to the cancellation of the Account or termination of the Agreement. If the Agreement is terminated properly, the Account shall be automatically terminated and deleted, and iPS Baltics: – continue to provide the Website Services that are necessary to complete all pending and unfinished agreements between you and iPS Baltics or/and between you and other Users; – you remain liable to pay all fees and other outstanding amounts to iPS Baltics for any Services received on the Platform prior to the date of termination or termination of your Account.

9.3. The Website may at any time, suspend, limit, suspend or terminate your access to the Account or refuse to provide all or any of the Services on the Website, refuse to register with you on the Website or terminate this Agreement and take appropriate technical and legal measures: – you violate any provision of this Agreement or the Terms; – iPS Baltics suspects or becomes aware that you have provided incorrect information; or if your activities on the Website may give rise to legal liability for the iPS Baltics Internet Platform and/or your actions are contrary to the interests of iPS Baltics or a third party or the legal provisions of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania; – you have not logged in or otherwise not used your Account within the last 3 (three) months or more. Note: By approving this agreement (by registering) you agree that iPS Baltics has the right to decide unilaterally on the application of this clause or any part thereof. You agree to accept any decision of iPS Baltics in this regard as legal and just. In the event your Account is terminated for any of the reasons set out in the preceding paragraphs, you will no longer have access to the data, messages, files, or other information you have posted on the Website. Your information may be deleted. You agree that the Website is not and will not be liable for any loss you may incur if the Website incurs any of this section of the Agreement specified actions.

10. Notifications

10.1. The administration of the Portal will communicate with the Users by e-mail or other means and channels of communication of your choice and provided in the Rules (internal messages on the page, contact calls).

10.2. Sending a letter to your specified e-mail address, phone call, or SMS message to a contact number, sending an internal message to your User Account on the Portal is recorded as a successful submission of information to the User.

10.3. Users must update the contact details of the natural/legal person as they change (email address, telephone number) and regularly check incoming messages on the Portal.

10.4. All notices addressed to the Portal and having a legal effect in connection with these Terms shall be in writing and delivered to us in person or by any means of delivery that allows proof of receipt.

11. Other provisions

11.1. Updates to the portal will inform users of new features and other changes that are directly related to the user experience, functionality, or security of browsing the portal.

11.2. The portal administration reserves the right to change and/or supplement the terms and conditions of the user agreement without notice to the users.