1st Engineer

1st Engineer We are looking for experienced Electrician and also for 1st Engineer, please, see more details and requirements below:

2. QC Coating Inspector Opportunity

QC Coating Inspector Currently, we have an opening for QC Coating Inspector, who would have previous experience in the Offshore (Wind) Industry. Details Position: QC Coating Inspector; Location: Tallinn, Estonia; Duration: Until the end of the year 2022; Working 5-6 days per week, and 8-12 hours per day; Requirements Secondary education level/Technical Engineering; At least 5 years of ...

2x 2nd Officers

2x 2nd Officers Offshore Jobs. Currently, we’re urgently looking for a 2x 2nd Officer on TSHD. First Officer will work in Belgium, the ship will be located in the dock. Other officers will work in UK, FR, BE, and NL waters.

2nd Engineer

2nd Engineer we urgently searching for the 2nd Engineer, fully vaccinated with GWO W@H. Start day 19th February, work in Belgium waters.

1st Engineer

Job opportunities for a 1st Engineer Job opportunities for a 1st Engineer for a 1st Engineer (min. STCW III/2 Second Engineer) with GWO Sea Survival (incl. Boat landing) and GWO Working at Heights.

DEME’s First SOV All Set for Belgian Offshore Wind Farms

A special naming ceremony was held for the world’s first DP2, twin-hulled Service Operation Vessel ‘Groenewind’ on Friday, June 25. The Belgian Federal Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten is the godmother of this unique vessel and she smoothly smashed the champagne bottle down on the hull, heralding a new era in offshore wind ...

JDN’s first 100% sustainable beach replenishment project in Belgium

Jan De Nul Group is the first dredging company to carry out 100% sustainable beach replenishments, announced JDN in the release. Moreover, this world first has taken place at the Belgian coast. From 1st February, Jan De Nul will deposit about 500,000 cubic metres of sand on the beach of Raversijde by order of the ...

Titan LNG bunkers TSHD Scheldt River

Titan LNG’s FlexFueler successfully bunkered the hopper dredger Scheldt River, owned by DEME Group, on the Western Scheldt recently. The Netherlands-based maritime LNG bunkering company has received approval from local authorities to bunker ships on the Western Scheldt area to the west of Antwerp, Belgium. The location has been identified as a strategic one for ...

Belgian offshore wind farms generate 6.7 TWh of electricity in 2020

Belgian offshore wind farms generated 6.7 TWh of electricity in 2020, which represented 8.4 per cent of total electricity consumption in Belgium, or the electricity consumption of around 1.9 million families. Eight offshore wind farms are currently operational in the Belgian North Sea, with a total installed capacity of almost 2.3 GW. This includes Northwester ...